Directions from Aguadilla Airport

Travel Information from Aguadilla
Our physical address:
Tres Palmas Inn and Villas
Road PR 413 Km 1.4
Barrio Ensenada
Ensenada Drive Street-Interior
Rincon, PR 00677
GPS Coordinates: 18.348158, -67.2630765
Travel Directions
Rafael Hernández Airport, Hangar Road, Aguadilla, PR 00603 US
As you exit the airport, start out going west on Avenida Ing. Orlando Alarcon toward Crown Rd.  (go 0.72 miles)
Turn left onto PR-107/Borinquen Ave.  (go 1.05 miles)
PR-107/Borinquen Ave becomes PR- 107.  (go 0.01 miles)
PR- 107 becomes Avenida Dr Pedro Albizu Campos.  (go 0.85 miles)
Avenida Dr Pedro Albizu Campos becomes PR-107.  (go 1.32 miles)
Stay on PR-107 until you see the green signs for State Road #2
Bear right and take PR State Road#2 going west.
Stay on Road #2 for approx. 30 mins you will pass the town of Aguada.  Stay on PR#2 until you reach the Traffic Light of small shopping center with Walgreens, Mc Donalds, Banco Popular which is Road #402. 
Make a right on Traffic Light of shopping center which is Road #402. 
Drive on 402 for approx 10 minutes until the road ends and intersects with Road #115.
Make a right on that intersection and you will be on Road#115 towards Rincón.
You will stay on Road #115 for approximately 20 minutes.  You will pass the Rincón Beach Resort on your left, and a strip of restaurants up on a hill also on your left.
Still on Road #115 you will pass a row of many big mango trees on your left side, the Rincón Sports Complex also on your left side. 
You will notice at some point that you have entered the town of Rincón.  You will see a Church’s Fried Chicken on your right side. 
Stay on Road#115.
Still on Road #115 you will pass a Banco Popular on your right, ECONO Supermarket also on your right. 
Shortly after ECONO Supermarket you will see the statue of a surfer on your left. 
Make a left right on the street of the statue which is Calle Cambija. 
You will notice that there is a bakery on your right and a bank “Cooperativa de Ahorro y Credito de Rincón” on your left.
Stay on Calle Cambija passing the public beach on your left. 
You will notice a school on your right as you approach what seems to be the end of the street. 
You will have the Harbor Restaurant on your left and the school on your right. 
Continue on the road turning right as if bordering the school.
Stay on the road. 
At the end of the road Calle Cambija intersects with Road #413 you will have in front of you “Mama Mel’s Pre-School” which is a house with a wooden fence.
Make a left on the intersection and you will be on Road#413. 
You will pass Island West Realty on your right and further ahead on your left, the signs of Taíno Divers and Shipwreck Restaurant.
Further ahead on your left you will see a house with a stone fence with an oval sign that reads “Casa Pura Vida.”
Right after Casa Pura Vida there is an entrance which is Km 1.4 and the name of the street is Ensenada Drive. 
Make a left on Ensenada Drive and go down the short hill until it ends.
At the end of the hill, make a right and immediately a left through the entrance of a cement beige fence with a sign that reads Tres Palmas Inn and Villas. 
If you are going to Hacienda Ensenada, the property is at the left of the Ficus Fence and you will be right on the driveway.
For The Cottage, Coconut, Lemon Houses, The Vine Room, and Villa Tres Palmas, bear right having the high Ficus fence on your left. The first yellow cottage on your right is the Coconut House. It has a sign. The next one on your right is the Lemon House. It has a sign.
Behind the Lemon House is The Cottage, and attached to The Cottage, with a private entrance, is The Vine Room.
At the end of the road further down is Villa Tres Palmas.